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Infopanels are a clever display system with a comprehensive range of free-standing and wall-mounted boards. The coloured Infofabric panels are designed for effective presentation of words, pictures, messages and products. They are suitable for almost any setting. The self adhesive Velcro tape makes it easy to put up display materials.Frames are extruded, coated aluminum sections of various types - Silver, Sleek , Brass-anodized or Snap.


Size Available in many sizes
Type Soft Notice Board
Folded No
Colours Navy blue, Red, Maroon, Black, Green, Grey, and Persian Blue.
Shape Rectangular


Sizes 1.5x2 Ft. 2x2 Ft. 2x2.5 Ft 2x3 Ft. 2x4 Ft 2x5 Ft. 2x6 Ft. 3x3 Ft.
Prices Rs. 385 Rs. 515 Rs. 640 Rs. 770 Rs. 1025 Rs. 1280 Rs. 1540 Rs. 1150


Sizes 1x1.5 Ft. 1.5x2 Ft. 2x2 Ft. 3x2 Ft. 4x2 Ft. 4x3 Ft. 4x11 Ft. 5x3 Ft. 4x4 Ft. 5x4 Ft. 6x3 Ft. 6x4 Ft. 8x4 Ft. 4x7 Ft.
Prices Rs. 450 Rs. 670 Rs. 800 Rs. 1200 Rs. 1500 Rs. 2100 Rs. 7400 Rs. 2800 Rs. 2700 Rs. 3400 Rs. 3300 Rs. 4000 Rs. 5400 Rs. 4700

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